Fashion but still protect the environment? What do you think?

Today, we have a better awareness of environmental protection, animal protection … We change positively through the replacement of plastic materials and materials that are difficult to decompose with materials. Natural materials, environmentally friendly materials. With the mission of protecting the environment, protecting animals, fighting for a planet without garbage. We design extremely fashionable but environmentally friendly handbags: No animal skin, no toxic materials, no color staining …

Products from papyrus and the effect of sedge-growing plants + Sedge is mainly used to weave sedge mats and produce handicrafts from rushes such as: Bags, lanes, slippers, sedge hats and many other popular items. When using mat weaving, the rush of fiber is thinly divided, dried and then woven. The rush yarn can also be used to make the car bigger as a fiber instead of using the whole fiber. Products sedge The domestic market consumes 30% of rush production. The rest is exported.

In an effort to find environmentally friendly materials and take advantage of all the strengths of the local land, we have created extremely trendy and trend-based designs. From inanimate plants, through many strenuous processes, they are perfected into extremely fashionable and environmentally friendly bags. They are made 100% handmade by women, mothers of the local. Using these bags, you are contributing to protecting the environment and inspiring us.

Join us in action for a zero-waste environment.

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