Christmas is behind the door and it’s high time to surprise everyone around with every beauty you want to give to your home or the ones you love. Whether you plan to go all-out on your decor with tableware that matches your theme, or find any Christmas gift ideas for your beloved, besides all the usual presents like Christmas popup design, we’re cheerful to suggest our brand new Christmas pop up decor collection for you to feast your eyes on this festive season. These are all perfect to be Christmas paper centerpiece such as Snowman décor, Gingerbread décor, Christmas tree decor and Reindeer decor. Let’s have a look and enjoy:

1, Snowman Popup Card Design

In these magical snowy days, we all want to go outside and play with the snow. There are no gardens without the most important man, the Snowman. Beside the snowman made out of snow and even Snowman popup card, there are a lot of interesting ideas of how to make Christmas paper centerpiece for your home. 3D paper decorations, with every single subtle folded side with gingerbread necklace, gloves, and hat, will outshine every other decoration on your dinner table. Or if you want to put this lovable decoration at any corner of the house, just do it! Just brighten it with tinsel or fairy light around, and you will be embraced with a unique atmosphere that you’ve never had in previous Christmas feasts!


2, Reindeer Design

The reason I love this paper christmas decor Christmas decoration is the cozy Christmassy feeling it gives, even with normal Reindeer Popup Card Design – that rank #1 in our top one pop up cards collection. The dark wood panelling, all the greenery and the muted color palette gives a wonderful feeling of nature and bringing the outdoors in, almost like dining in a woodland setting. I could imagine a large group of family and friend coming together and having a great time in that space and this cute brown reindeer will dance along with this atmosphere – so relaxed and wonderful! Besides, if you like, you can add some other tiny decoration such as tinker bell and they will perform as key components to recreating this stunning yet informal look. 


3, Christmas Tree Design

Last but not least, Christmas trees are the undisputed king of Christmas Popup design. Their roots can be traced back to devout Christians in 15th century Germany, but they really took off among the general population at the end of the 19th century in Victorian Britain. While it’s not practical or aesthetically pleasing to buy a six-foot pine tree, you can make a small replica that’ll also look great on dining table or working desk or fit for a present box. With a giant bright red pot reminiscent of a Christmas gift box, a stunning green pine tree rises as though a sparkling queen putting a smile in the winter. Indeed, this combination of two colors in a simple paper christmas decor will bring love and warmth to your meals, as well as boost holiday inspiration for any brilliant ideas!

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